Amina Zoe

Knowing the higher purpose of the outcome doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the experience.
But the certainty that you are ONE allows you to be even more fully aware of your senses while enjoying the adventure of life. 

One To One Sessions and Workshops

All offers are available for festivals and retreats. For further questions send an e-mail and I am happy to help you. 

Balancing out the chakras is one of the main practices that will be done during the hands-on/off session. The integral part into your daily life will happen through a talk before and after the session.  

This healing intuitive touch can be combined with beautiful essential oils. Helpful to release any tension of the body and arriving  in the moment. 

With the help of old traditions we can reconnect to our roots and remember the wisdom that we carry in the depths of our hearts. I just open the space for you to get into the complete awareness.


all one to one sessions (+10€ Aroma-touch)
30 min- 40€
60 min- 75€ 
90 min- 120€

Workshop and festival prices are individualy
*If you don`t feel confident about the price contact me and we will figure something out

Certified physiotherapist 
energetic and holstic healer

I am here

Amina Zoe
10178 Berlin, Mitte