Health up your company!


Do you want to make your employees feel more comfortable in their working environment? Do you want them to have a good work-life balance and be enthusiastic about their work? Did you know that meditation not only gives you a clear mind, more satisfaction and serenity but also makes you more efficient? 
Let´s see what kind of tools your employees need and how you can give them a space of creativity and comfort or a physical equalizer to hard work.  DE/EN

Two hours. Whether I teach and guide the people through essential methods including meditation and breathwork or imply a little yoga practice into the workshop for a physical balance.  

Imply a meditation once a week to support your employees and remind them of the importance of repitition.

All on donation basis. You decide the value for your company. Contact me for more information


Companies I work with

Places where I encurage people to bring love and kindness into the work they do. Also the festivals and events I have given workshops at. 

corporate Amina zoe

An amazing natural family manufactory where mindfulness-workshops happen every week to support the awareness while working with nature. 

agape zoe

A festival happening nearly every month in Berlin and different places in Europe. I had the privilege to join the team of creators, artists and healers. 

amina zoe

A festival for artists and a familial feeling, loads of fun and a natural environment for every cacao-ceremony.

We can survive 7 days without eating, 3 days without drinking but only  1-2 minutes without breathing.

Amina Zoe

Certified physiotherapist


Green Yoga 
Sredzskistr. 59, Berlin


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