May your life make you laugh!

So the light within you can shine bright and bring joy into your heart!

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All events, retreats and workshops are different. You will find the essential topics here and for any booking for your company or festival please contact me

Cacao is one of the most complex foods existing with a variety of nutrients. But most important is that it contains substances like Theobromine which biologically opens our heart and supports our immune system (1,2,3). When nature is out of balance the Goddess of cacao comes to the earth to help humans see the world through their hearts. 

The Cacao-Ceremonies mostly happen with a beautiful sound healing of various music artists to create a magical atmosphere. 

Depending on the amount of artists there might be a suggestion (mostly 20-35 €)


Focus and observe your thoughts. Get into a deep meditational state to relieve any stress and create the world inside you. All meditations are guided and individually adjusted to the topic of the class and current energies. 

Do you want to make your employees feel more comfortable in their working environment? Do you want them to have a good work-life balance and be enthusiastic about their work? Did you know that meditation not only gives you a clear mind, more satisfaction and serenity but also makes you more efficient? 
Let´s see what kind of tools your employees need and how you can give them a space of creativity and comfort or a physical equalizer to hard work.  DE/EN

Meditation & Movement Workshops can be done weekly, monthly or just once

5-15 participants
1h 40-80€

Companies I work with

Places where I encurage people to bring love and kindness into the work they do. Also the festivals and events I have given workshops at. 

An amazing natural family manufactory where mindfulness-workshops happen every week to support the awareness while working with nature. 

A festival happening nearly every month in Berlin and different places in Europe. I had the privilege to join the team of creators, artists and healers. 

The beautiful Yoga-studio located in Prenzlauer Berg is such an inspiring and grounded place. I am not teaching currently but any other yoga, meditation or gongbath class there is a game changer

A festival for artists and a familial feeling, loads of fun and a natural environment for every cacao-ceremony.

We can survive 7 days without eating, 3 days without drinking but only  1-2 minutes without breathing.

Amina Zoe

Certified physiotherapist


Berlin, Mitte


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