About me

I love lighting people on fire. I love seeing them burn because they are living their passion. I am a creator from the heart that is fully in trust and fully guided by highest goods. Let´s make this life remarkable. 

My name is Amina Zoe. Amina is Arabic and means -the trustworthy-  Zoe is Greek and means -life- Those two names that were given to me remind me of the most powerful attributes I need during this life. So whenever I feel out of balance or disconnected I remember that I only have to trust into life. I guess this is one force that is guiding me to do what I am doing.

I have been traveling many parts of the world and took the chance to connect with nature and see the beauty that surrounds us. Within my journey I have met many inspiring people who have shared their techniques and wisdom with me to support my spiritual growth. Now it is time for me to put everythig together and assist you through your own individual journey. As I also grow through the experiences of others in cacao-ceremonies or guided meditation workshops. 

My main mission is to open the portal of excitement and experience that we all carry within us. And most importantly … I want to awake your joyous soul, because this life is the most precious gift we have and we are allowed to live it in the most joyful way. 

I look forward to create with you 


Create more light in this beautiful world and help you to heal what no longer serves you anymore. All balance shall return to this earth and fear turn into love.


I want to bring people together. Whether it is with other souls or with themselves. My vision exists in a world of connection and freedom. People start living their from their hearts.