sacred cacao-ceremony

I invite you to this sacred cacao ceremony to dive into a journey of self-discovery. Old traditions and heart wisdom will guide and support you through this ancient ceremony.
I invite you to embrace your love, fears, needs, your honest self. Let your inner child dance, your inner women sing and inner man express the strength within.
Allow yourself to fill this open space with your own truth. Let the Goddess of cacao fully connect with your heart to bring back balance and harmony into your life so you experience the NOW with all your senses.

General information: 

Please do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony and please to not drink cacao if you are pregnant due to the effects of cacao on opening the arteries and may initiate stronger processes.

What to bring: A bottle of water. Paper and pen. A rattle, a sacred object if you have.


The relaxation full body massage is guided by intuitive touch and may also incorporate bodywork methods. Every movement and every touch is designed to resonate with the needs of your muscles, joints, nerves and organs.

The classic massage will help you to release any tension that has been stored in your body, thus allowing you to enter into a blissful state of relaxation that will carry you through the next days. Deep tissue massage, trigger points, or soft therapeutic touch may be incorporated in the session to allow any tension, migraine, joint pain and limited range of motion to leave the body.

Take this time to restore your energy and enjoy the feeling of being birthed anew. Note: Also available as a Classic Massage with use of essential oils.

Energetic rebalancing

With the energetic rebalancing of your chakras your emotional topics will reveal themselves, old patterns and beliefs will be uncovered for you to start the healing process. You will feel and experience how your consciousness shifts and shows you how to reach a new perspective on your current challenges.

With this change of consciousness you learn how to use your intuitive skills as a resource of decisionmaking. You will be reminded how to use your power to take control over your wishes and dreams to ensure a decision being coherent with your gut feeling.

Use the possibility to improve your quality of life in the long-term with individually created meditations matching your needs. These meditations are included for a full support of your process.

An integration of all experiences and insights throughout the session will happen with coaching techniques to guide you into a supported daily realm. The increased energy will help you to be aware of following situations mirroring your revealed topics.

*Made for specific topics and/or illnesses and general transformational change of consciousness


This is the energetic exchange

The first session is always 90 min for 120 €

Every following session can be 60 min for 80 €
Different packages available –> check here 

Each cacao ceremony is taking place at different spots, with different musicans. It´s mostly around 25-40€

This classic massage is timed for 60 min and 80€