Journey of depth

Are you ready for this heartopening experience?

You will get to know yourself better, feel the energies moving through and around you,
you will experience vibration and feel the layers of your body and the layers beyond. 
Let´s move together with our words, touch and the exploration of the mind. 
You receive a safe space for everything that wants to be expressed in any way and 
I support you with all the experience and knowledge I have, so the roots of your own self
can grow deeper into your inner wisdom. 


first healing

120 / 90min
  • first energy healing
  • guided meditation
  • support sheet

1+3 Sessions

  • first energy healing
  • 3 60min follow up sessions
    within one month
  • guided meditation
  • support sheet

1+4 Sessions

  • first energy healing
  • 4 60min follow up sessions
    within two months
  • guided meditation
  • support sheet
  • Telegram availability

If possible all sessions are likely in person otherwise online.
contact me if you need more information or a 15 min check-in call.